The PG School Structure

All Postgraduate programmes of the Olabisi Onabanjo University shall operate through a central organ called the POSTGRADUATE SCHOOL. The Postgraduate School, among other functions, has responsibility of coordinating, streamlining and ensuring compliance with all the approved postgraduate regulations of the various Colleges and Faculties of the University.

Structure of the School Board Members

Board of the Postgraduate School
1. Provost, Postgraduate School Chairman
2. Provosts and Deans of Colleges/Faculties Member
3. Deputy Provost, Postgraduate School Member
4. Directors of Institutes/Schools Member
5. The University Librarian Member
6. The Registrar or his Representative Member
7. Chairman, College/Faculty Postgraduate Board (who should not be the Dean of the Faculty, but should be appointed by the Faculty Board) Member
8. The Secretary, Postgraduate School Secretary


Functions of the Board

  • To consider and make recommendations to Senate regarding application received from Colleges/Faculties/Departments for approval to institution and conduct Postgraduate programmes
  • To advise on the interpretation of the regulations governing higher degree and postgraduate certificate and diploma courses in the University.
  • To collates and harmonize all the available postgraduate programmes, all work out and publish time-table for the teaching and examining of the various courses offered.
  • To consider and decide on the recommendations from Provosts and Deans in respect of:
    • the admission and registration of students for higher degrees and postgraduate certificate and diploma courses:
    • the approval of general fields of study and the nomination of supervisor
    • the approval of titles of thesis/dissertation; and
    • the approval of the appointment of internal and external examiner.  In all cases (i) above, the decision of the Board shall be reported to Senate for ratification from time to time.
  • To recommend to Senate, on the advice of Provost and Deans, candidate for the award of higher degrees and postgraduate certificates and diploma.  To this end, the Board shall ensure that all higher degrees/diploma certificates are backed by adequate academic programmes and are awarded to only deserving candidates.
  • To operate the budget of the Postgraduate School as regards:
    • the allocation of scholarships to Departments before the beginning of each academic year, such allocation being based on yearly review and projected needs in the various fields;
    • the administration of postgraduate scholarships;
    • the provisions of financial support to Departments to meet this teaching and research needs at postgraduate level;
    • providing support for Visiting Professorships and arranging Post Doctoral Fellowships for the staff of the University.
    • Attracting financial support and initiating fiscal measures for postgraduate studies.
  • To recommend to Senate on the academic suitability of students for the extension of Postgraduate scholarships and for permission to undertake part of postgraduate courses outside Nigeria.
  • To review annually and to report to Senate on the development of postgraduate studies at Olabisi Onabanjo University.
  • To review from time to time the philosophy and wider objectives of postgraduate studies in the University and to make recommendations to  Senate on how these may be best achieved.
  • To undertake the publications of:
    • the prospectus of Postgraduate Students at Olabisi Onabanjo University
    • Annual reports of the Postgraduate School;
    • Titles and Abstracts of Thesis/Dissertations accepted for higher degrees in the University as part of the Annual Report for each year; and
    • Guides, Brochures and such other publications which may be considered useful for enhancing the functions of or giving due publicity to the activities of the School for the benefit of its prospective students.
  • To consider, deal with and report any other matters referred to it.