The genesis of Postgraduate education in Olabisi Onabanjo University can be traced to the 1989/1990 session when the Department of Educational Foundations and Management in the Faculty of Education admitted 22 students for the Masters in Educational Management programme followed by the Postgraduate Diploma in Education programme in the 1991/1992 session.  In 1992/1993 session, the College of Agricultural Sciences commenced its Diploma programme in Agricultural Extension, while the Faculty of Social and Management Sciences commenced Diploma and Masters programmes in Transport Studies (based in the Department of Geography and Regional Planning).  The MBA programme of the Social and Management Science Faculty commenced in the 1995/1996 session.

Our Mission

To be the best Graduate School in Africa and primus inter pares in the world, and lead the University to achieve the highest excellence in staff, research, consultancies, academic content and grandaunts through cutting-edge research and by employing up-to-date data acquisition, information analysis and knowledge delivery systems.

  1. Our Philosophy

    The Postgraduate School seeks to provide world standard academic and professional knowledge that will enable its products or students to complete favourably with their counterparts anywhere in the world.  The students will be encouraged to cultivate a world view that facilitates not only the continuous pursuit of academic and moral excellence, but also developing their expertise and competence in reducing society’s problems.

Our Vision

To provide courses of instructions and other facilities for the pursuit of high quality Postgraduate programmes throughout the University to all persons irrespective of race, creed, sex or political conviction and consequently provide the general society the needed high quality manpower.


What They Are Saying