Any offer of admission not taken up in the particular year it is given considered to have lapsed. The affected candidates may however reapply the following academic year if they are still interested in their respective programme of study. Such applications would be considered afresh with other new applicants.

The University may, however, entertain deferment of admission. Application for deferment of admission must reach the School on or before the end of the admission year (or as may be directed by the Postgraduate School. Applications for deferment received after the deadline will not be considered.


The Postgraduate Diploma shall be field/practical-oriented, shall run on full-rime or part-time basis only, and shall normally be for duration of two semesters for full-time and four semesters for part-time.

The Masters Degree programme may be run on full-time or part-time basis. For full-time registration, the minimum duration shall normally be four semesters and maximum of eight semesters. For part-time registration, the minimum durations shall be eighty semesters and maximum of twelve semesters from the date of registration.

Registration for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree programmes shall be on full-time or part-time basis. For full-time registration, the minimum duration of the programme shall be six semesters; the minimum duration shall be eight semesters for part-time registration. However, if the Masters degree was obtained from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, or its equivalent elsewhere, minimum duration shall be four and six semesters for full-time and part-time candidates respectively.

Registration formalities shall be conducted within the first three weeks of the commencement of the semesters beyond which there shall be a penalty of an amount set by Senate for late registration without acceptable reasons, up to the fifth week of commencement of the semester. Registration shall lapse at the end of each academic session and shall be renewed at the beginning of new academic sessions.

Every candidate shall renew his registration at the beginning of each academic session throughout the normal duration of the degree programme as specified above. However, if a candidate does not complete the degree programme in a maximum of ten and twelve semesters for full-time and part-time studies respectively, he shall normally be expected to withdraw from the programme unless his case is favourably reviewed by Senate on recommendation from the relevant College through the Postgraduate School Board.