1. Log on to
  2. Click on Check Admission Status to confirm your admission and enter your Form Number (i.e., PG/16/0001) and insert your Password (the same password used during Application Form Purchase/Filling) and click Login.
  3. Collect Admission Letter from Postgraduate School (Room A1)
  4. Click on Pay Acceptance Fee. Then choose the option of either paying through the Web (i.e., Web Payment) or through Point of Sale (i.e., POS Payment).
  5. If you choose the POS option, print Acceptance Fee Invoice.
  6. Proceed with a printed copy of Acceptance Invoice to any Point of Sales (POS) terminal in all campuses of the University (i.e., Aiyetoro, Ibogun, Sagamu/Ikenne and the Main-Campus) to pay the Acceptance Fee of N50,000.00.
  7. After 12 hours, click on Acceptance Receipt to print the receipt.
  8. Proceed to the Postgraduate School Office (Room C1) for your 1st Verification.

          (a)     Present to the Registration Officer at the Postgraduate School (Room C1), the originals and one set of photocopies of the following documents arranged separately in the order shown below:

                   -        Verification/Personal Data Form

                   -        Application Form Receipt

                   -        Acceptance Fee Receipt

                   -        O’ Level Results or Equivalent

                   -        First Degree Certificate(s) or Equivalent

                   -        Other Relevant Certificate(s) or Result(s)

                   -        NYSC Discharge/Exemption/Exclusion Certificate

                   -        Transcript

  1. Counter-sign the Verification Forms at your Department (2nd Verification).
  2. Make a photocopy of the Front page of the Verification Documents, write your phone number(s) on it and submit at the Postgraduate School Registration Office (Room C1).
  3. Twenty-four (24) hours after 10(c) above, proceed to your homepage and click on Pay School Fees. Choose either Web Payment option or POS Payment option.  If POS payment option is chosen, then click on Print School Fees Invoice and proceed to any Point of Sales (POS) terminal in all campuses of the University to pay the School Fees.
  4. After 12 Hours of School Fee Payment, log in to your homepage t o print your School Fees Receipt.
  5. Thereafter fill Course Form, click on Submit to submit the form and then print Course Form.
  6. Print and complete the following forms:

          (a)     Identity Card Form            (b)       Library Form     (c)     Medical Form

  1. Proceed to the Postgraduate School Registration Office (Room B1) to obtain Four (4) Postgraduate Student Files and attach a Passport Photograph to each file.
  2. Submit One (1) of the Completed Files with the Originals of all the forms printed in 12-13 above as well as copies of all your receipts at the Postgraduate School Registration Office (Room B1).
  3. After Submission of file and relevant documents to the Registration Officer in the Room B2, Postgraduate School; you are to collect the following from the Officer:
  4. Matriculation Number                               
  5. Faculty Postgraduate Prospectus
  6. Guidelines for Writing Dissertation and Thesis.        
  7. Journal (for Masters and Ph.D Students only).
  8. Collect your University Identification Card from the Registration Officer in Room B2, Postgraduate School by the 1st Week of January, 2017.