• Department of English

(a)        M.A English Language

(b)        Ph.D. English Language

(c)        M.A English Literature

(d)        Ph.D. English Literature

  • Department of Nigerian and Foreign Languages

(a)        M.A French Studies

(b         Ph.D. French Studies

(c)        M.A Yoruba Literature

(d)        Ph.D. Yoruba Literature

(e)        M.A Yoruba Language

(f)        Ph.D. Yoruba Language

  •  Department of History and Diplomatic Studies

(a)        Master in Diplomacy and Strategic Studies (Professional)

(b)        M.A History and Diplomatic Studies

(c)        Ph.D. History and Diplomatic Studies

  • Department of Philosophy

(a)        M.A Philosophy

(b)        Ph.D. Philosophy

  • Department of Religious Studies

(a)        M.A Christian Studies (with options in New Testament, Old Testament, Church History, Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Social Ethics, African Religion)

(b)  M.A Islamic Studies

(c)        Ph.D. Islamic Studies